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    Working At
    Magna Tyres

Shape Your Own Success

Working at Magna Tyres may be a bit different than you are used to so far in your career. We have become great in our industry by a few guiding principles that have become part of our DNA: Go the extra mile, Entrepreneurship and Think outside the box. What does this mean in practice ? When working at Magna Tyres, you are your own master of your success. We love it when you show curiosity, ask questions and take actions accordingly. Of course you collaborate with your colleagues and your manager to shape your plans. If your idea is solid, you are good to go!

Our management will challenge you to invest in yourself as we know that our people are our biggest asset. You will get opportunities to enhance your capabilities and design your own Personal Development Plan. Why? Because we know that in a highly competitive market like ours, it’s our people who make the difference. That’s what our customers are saying. Therefore, if you dare to stand out and are willing to go above and beyond then we are looking for you!

Our Office

Working at Magna Tyres HQ offers diverse opportunities across various departments, fostering innovation, teamwork, and professional growth.

Like any other company, we have different departments who are in charge of various aspects of the business. At Magna Tyres HQ the management and supporting departments are based. From here, we support all the sales offices all over the world. Yet, we are one team with common goals in mind.
That means short lines of communication are essential if we want to act fast and keep our partners on the move with the best tyre solutions. At Magna Tyres means that we love to say yes: not only to our customers but also to our colleagues to help each other when needed. We are in it together!