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A Brief Introduction

In a short period of time, Magna Tyres has become an established name in the international tyre market. We pride ourselves on our hands-on mentality and our ability to deliver what we promise. Thanks to this mindset and working method Magna Tyres has gathered a loyal customer base, an extensive dealer network and allowed us to collaborate with leading OEMs in over 130 countries.

Magna Tyres was founded in 2006 in Waalwijk to meet the ever growing demand in OTR tyres that optimise cost per hour without yielding on quality. Thanks to our extensive knowledge in rubber and tyre components, that is exactly what we offer. Since then we have grown into one of the largest suppliers of premium second tier OTR tyres worldwide and continue to grow each year.

Magna Tyres Global Sales Offices

From our headquarters and main warehouse in the Netherlands we make sure our customers’ demands are fully met. Our aim is to keep the lines of communication short and help our customers quickly. Our 500 employees spread across 17 sales offices worldwide ensure that the company stands by its customers and we can deliver the quality the market demands. Thanks to our large stock we can deliver quickly and respond directly to the customer needs.

Learn more about our offices and how we operate.

Join the Magna Tyres Family

To get an impression of our company, check out the video we made of the most recent Family Day we organised, where we invited our family members to come and take a look at our workplace, and also organised some entertainment for all ages.

The Magna Family Day is just one example of the events we organise for our employees. At Magna Tyres, we have a ‘Get things done’ mentality and we want to give you the resources to do your job to the best of your ability. That also includes keeping you motivated, healthy and happy. Curious what employee benefits we offer? click the link to read more about what else we do and benefits we offer here.