• Always a large local stock.
  • Family-owned company.
  • We deliver what you ask. Always.
  • Active in 130+ countries.
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    Our Story

Who We Are.

Magna Tyres is a family-owned company with an open culture. In fifteen years, Magna Tyres has grown enormously and we continue to do so. What started out as an ambitious vision to offer OTR tyres that optimise cost per hour without yielding on quality, has led to a global organisation with a large, loyal customer base and collaborations with leading OEMs in over 130 countries. We now have over 500 employees, spread over 17 sales offices globally. However, we have not only grown in numbers; we are the fastest growing company within the field of OTR tyres.

How did we manage to reach this? This was achieved by a strategy of short lines of communication, quick decision-making, and flexibility in manufacturing to fulfill the requirements of our customers. This is what we call the Magna Tyres’ culture of “doing things our own way”.

Our business concept is quite simple: We listen to our customers and we focus on their needs. Magna Tyres has always been close to end-users thanks to our regional offices. From our headquarters and main warehouse in the Netherlands to our 18 sales offices worldwide, it’s our common aim to keep the lines of communication short and help our customers quickly. All our employees spread across the world ensure that the company stands by its customers so we can deliver the quality the market demands.

What We Stand For.

  • We Stay Curious.

    We always want to know what our customers really want. Continually improving our product and industry knowledge is part of our DNA.

  • We Love to Say Yes.

    We encourage people to do what’s best for our customer. In other words, make you own choices and quick decisions every time it refers to both a colleague and a customer.

  • We Take Ownership.

    We hold ourselves responsible for the end result and never stop trying to improve our work. there’s only one way, the right way. The customer accepts nothing less and so do we.

  • We Are In It Together.

    Looking after each other, creating a safe and friendly environment where everyone is respected regardless of their background. Supporting our colleagues , clients and partners wherever and whenever we can.


We keep companies on the move with the best tyre solutions. Always. No matter where in the world, our customers can rely on our superior service and knowledge about off-the-road tyres every day. We embrace every opportunity to get you going and to get the job done.

The basic formula to our success has always been listening to our customers and delivering what they ask, when they ask it. It’s really that simple. We are always available to offer the best service and do this on a personal level. We value your business and go the extra mile to help you. We always have an answer and are always ready to keep you going. No matter what. We realised that everything we do and stand for comes together in that single word: Always.

Our commitment to be always available, always helpful, always ready and always flexible is summed up in that one simple word. Always.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but as always, we focus on what lies ahead. that means there are many roles to be filled, so join the team!